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PICTURE YOUR WORLD was formed as a Limited Liability Company, LLC, in the State of Washington on June 1st, 2006. The founder, Dennis Hulet, is a husband, father and grandfather. His forty plus years of raising a family has given him years of experience capturing images of family life and the WORLD around him. The efforts to capture important moments during these years have included the use of a variety of imaging technology. From traditional flim images developed at the corner drug store, to Poloraid instant prints that develop as you watch, to 8mm movies, to VHS and digital video that allowed instant viewing and to SLR camera work - first with film, now with the instant viewing of digital 35mm equivalent. Over these years, he has attempted to record images that document the WORLD around him - family, friends, activities, events, vacations, site-seeing trips and nature, landscape and architectural scenes.

For Dennis, photography started as an expected part of family life, turned into a hobby and, now, as providing for his family takes less time (it does not require nearly as much time to spoil grandchildren as it does to feed and cloth a young family), photography has become a priority and avocation. With a wife of 45 years, six adult children, their spouses and their children (eleven grandsons and five granddaughters), he has experience capturing images in many different and unusual settings. Added to these normal family experiences are the experience that comes from travel opportunties to locations across the counrty and around the world. Family, friends, acquaintances and strangers have expressed favorable visual and emotional reactions to many of his images when those images are shared with them.

PICTURE YOUR WORLD provides a forum for sharing images with you. A compelling photographic image, well presented can add beauty to your home and office. The selection of images offered by PICTURE YOUR WORLD, provides great varitey of image types, colors, locations, etc. The images speak for themselves - if you find one you like, order one for your home or office and tell your family and friends to check us out; if you like the work but do not find exactly what you are looking for, Contact us about creating an image especially for you; and, if you do not agree that these images can provide a valuable addition to the interior decor of your home or office, we thank you for checking out our Image Galleries and recommend you search for the web sites of other photographers, most of whom will be glad to share their work with you.

Initially, the available Image Galleries includes only images captured by Dennis. The work of additional photographers will be added as interest and demand dictate. This web site provides a flexible vehicle for viewing available images, selecting one or more to visually enhance your home or office interior and purchasing an appropriate image in a size and presentation that meets your needs.

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